Hi, hello!

Monday, Mar 08 2021

We make plant-based things for your bits down under. We are all about that sustainability life, without compromising quality and comfort. We are your more sleek, modern day hippies, revelling in that happy high feeling you get when you feel comfortable in your own skin and what you wear.

We work closely with industry experts on sustainable fabric technology and plant formulator labs to create tip-top results. You will take comfort in knowing that you own products that are long-lasting and feel really, really nice without totally screwing the planet.

Bringing back the bush is also very important to us (we are not talking about your pubic hair 😂). We mean the Australian landscapes that have catastrophically been affected by the bush fires. With every purchase of Underplants, we will plant a tree on your behalf to regenerate the land #bringbackthebush.

Follow us on Instagram to keep track of our tree donations: @underplantsau

Underplants, so soft, so good!